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There are a plethora of ways to remove hair, but one of the most underrated is using a depilatory or hair removal cream.

Depilatory creams often get a bad reputation because of the potential for chemical burns or skin damage from using an unsafe or untested product. However, there are wide varieties of safe depilatory creams on the market.

Finding these products, however, can be intimidating. With the plethora of brands, prices, sizes, and ingredients, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Below, we have done a lot of the legwork into various depilatory creams to help you find the best product for you.

What are hair removal creams?

Hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, are a beauty product designed to remove hair. According to the Food and Drug Administration, these creams are alkaline based, and they turn hair into a substance that is not unlike jelly.

The hair turns into a jellylike substance because the depilatory cream destroys the proteins in the hair. It should be noted that the follicle itself is not destroyed.

Veet is a hair removal cream that is designed to dissolve the hair near to the root. According to the Global Nielsen Unit Share Data in 2016, Veet was the number one depilatory brand internationally.

Veet is primarily marketed to women but can be used by anyone. You can use veet anywhere in the body except the face.

Veet contains both Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which are used to soothe the skin and moisturize. It takes around five minutes to work, making it one of the faster-acting products on the market.

Veet is officially backed by dermatologists as a successful depilatory cream. It comes in a 13.52-ounce bottle.

Veet is especially praised by men for making hair removal in genital areas easier and painless, specifying a noticeable lack of chemical burn that is present in other similar products.

Other consumers report that Veet does not remove all hair, and may require another form of hair removal to get rid of any remaining patches.

This product by Olay is a facial hair removal cream. This makes their product stand out from other depilatory creams, which often are not safe or effective for use on the face.

This is a two-step kit that is effective on medium to coarse facial hair. However, like all depilatory creams, this should not be used around the eyes.

The treatment window for this product is about eight minutes long. The smell is not too intense, but there is a definite odor from the chemicals.

The treatment starts out with a balm to protect the skin from the hair removal formula. After the balm is applied, the actual depilatory cream is applied lightly to remove the hair.

Overall, the Olay depilatory cream does well in removing almost all light and medium facial hair. However, some customers express that this product is not very effective for the darker or coarser hair.

Nair is one of the biggest names in the hair removal industry. This specific product is marketed as a hair removal lotion.

Nair boasts an impressively quick removal time, claiming that it takes as little as three minutes to dissolve hair. This product should not be left on the skin for longer than ten minutes.

This product differs from other options because it requires a thick coating of cream over the hair, without rubbing it in. This thicker layer means that you go through the product faster than others.

It is a dermatologist tested lotion and has cocoa butter and Vitamin E in it to moisturize the skin as well. Unlike other products, the Nair hair removal lotion smells fresh and clean, with no chemical odor.